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Why Modular Homes Are Far More Superior Than Traditional Homes

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There are many reasons as to why modular homes are becoming more and more popular. For the most part, modular construction eliminates most of the common issues and challenges that are encountered in traditional, stick-built construction.

The first benefit to modular construction is the construction process and time. Delays to project completion are common when you stick-build traditionally. Bad weather, equipment and crew delays, materials shortages, and theft are major causes of delays when building on-site and outside. But with the modular construction process, each module is pre-fabricated in an indoor environment where all of these delays are eliminated. Equipment is cutting-edge while the builders are skilled and experienced. Through this combination, construction time is hugely decreased and the project delivery date is always met.

Another benefit of modular homes is sturdiness and durability. Traditionally site built homes use use only nail guns for assembly. But the modular building system, utilizes strapping, adhesives, screws, and bolts to fasten frames and components together. This makes the structural integrity of modular homes must be far superior to traditional homes as it endures lifting and transporting to its final destination. At Virginia Homes every modular home meets or exceeds state and local building codes and can withstand winds up to 140 mph.

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