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Including interior and exterior doors that are beautiful and durable in your modular homedesign can significantly add value to your home. The front door needs to be attractive to add aesthetic appeal to the home, but it also needs to be durable to have a layer of security between you and the world outside.

There are many benefits to beautiful and durable entry doors in your modular home. Modular home construction offers a variety of choices when it comes to exterior and interior doors so that homeowners can choose the style and material of doors that best fits their taste and requirements.

Modular construction gives flexibility to home buyers when it comes to floor plans and features such as exterior and interior doors. For instance, the front doors can be a standard 36” 6 panel type or use a more elaborate 36” fan lite entry door, a 36” oval entry door, or a 36”craftsman entry door. Homeowners can also choose a large French 6’-0” doors with or without grills. The options for doors in modular construction is a very long list.

To find out more about door options for modular homes, contact Virginia Homes Building Systems.

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