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Modular Home Use Custom Insulation For Efficient Home Heating

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Modular homes have excellent insulation options which have solved energy efficiency problems in extreme winter conditions. Poor insulation in certain areas of the house can causes warm, conditioned air to leak outside. By varying the R values (insulation values) in various locations (ceilings, walls and floors) throughout the house, homeowners are assured that heat loss is minimized, adding up the savings on energy consumption throughout the winter.

Proper attic ventilation, on the other hand, is also a factor to be considered for preventing moisture build-up as a countermeasure against mold growth. Modular construction uses high heeled trusses to offset the potential for moisture buildup in unfinished attic spaces. Insulation materials are top-grade and may be varied as well depending on the heating requirements of the home.

Modules are fabricated in a factory where construction standards are properly observed and quality is strictly monitored. The versatility and efficiency of modular homes has earned the rightful spot as the modern choice of homes in today’s fast changing environment. Contact Virginia Homes Building Systems to find more about modular home custom insulation.

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