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Double-Hung Low Emissivity Windows to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Modular Homes

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Virginia Homes Building Systems features double-hung windows with double pane and a Low-E coating.

Double Hung windows provide superior ventilation to single hung windows as both sashes are operable. The top sash lowers while the lower sash raises. When windows on one side of a room are opened top down and on the opposite side bottom up, this creates a slight movement of air in the room also known as passive cooling. Double Pane windows have a superior insulation quality to single pane windows as an air gap between the panes delays heat transmittance through the glass. The Low-E coating reflects the infrared rays of the sun away from the glass and in the summer months. It also reflects the warm air inside the room away from the glass during the winter months. The Low-E coating saves energy therefore it saves the homeowner money in Heating and Cooling Costs.

To learn more about the benefits of modular homes and the high-quality materials used in their construction, contact Virginia Homes Building Systems.

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